Two Glorious Years of Compliance Excellence: Happy Birthday to Us!

This is our 2nd year in Privacy and Compliance!
Scroll on to see what we’ve been up in the last two and also a sneak-peek of what lies ahead for us.

‘23 Highlights

At Kertos we are committed to bringing peace of mind to our partners. We understand that compliance can easily become a headache. We are talking about full compliance, no more firefighting, but a future-proof automated process.


We started the year with a €7 million total funding from investors as well as grants to create the future of effortless compliance. A heartfelt thank you to our investors who have been with us through both highlights and challenges. We couldn’t be prouder to have you by our side.


New Offices in Munich & Berlin: As our team expands, we’ve opened the doors to our Berlin office. Nestled in a quintessential Berlin courtyard, we’ve created a space dedicated to creativity and innovation!


We hit the 100,000 DSR Mark! What does that mean? We have automated over 100,000 data subject requests from individuals, thereby freeing up operational resources of our customers.

New Look

Another highlight: Our new brand identity. With a design that’s bolder, sleeker, and sharper, we aim to empower businesses to achieve full compliance by making processes frictionless, intuitive, and easy to execute.

We Won! Twice!

Being the Number One Best of Legal and Best of Technology Solution 2023.
This recognition serves as a formal acknowledgment of our team’s unwavering commitment, innovation, and the advanced solutions we deliver in the realm of compliance and technology.

Introducing Our Streamlined Employee Training Solution

Simple, Effective, Customized.

In the heart of every successful organization are well-trained employees. We’re excited to announce the launch of our latest innovation – the Employee Training Feature, meticulously designed for efficiency and personalization. Select from our curated range of ISO and GDPR courses, creating a personalized learning journey for each team member. Keep track of training completions with ease, maintaining immediate oversight of your team’s development and progress.

Controls for Risks

Our new feature transforms ISO 27001 compliance management by offering a comprehensive catalog of standard controls in a user-friendly format, eliminating the hassle of extensive document reviews. With one-click applicability, selecting relevant controls is effortless. The feature also simplifies evidence generation for these controls, ensuring a smooth compliance journey. Additionally, Kertos’s automatic versioning meticulously tracks all changes, providing clarity and peace of mind. This integration significantly streamlines the compliance process, making it more efficient and accessible.

What comes next?

Asset Management

In the Kertos platform, you can track all your organisation’s assets – regardless of whether they are hardware, software, information or pretty much anything else. You can track who is in charge of certain assets and evaluate how critical an asset is for your business based on a structured evaluation along the Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability metrics. With this feature, you are one step closer to building your perfect ISMS!

Risk Management

Efficiently manage organizational risks with the Kertos platform. This tool allows for the identification, categorization, and prioritization of diverse risks, including operational, financial, and compliance-related. Assess risks using a robust framework based on probability and severity, and develop effective mitigation strategies. This feature is key to enhancing your Integrated Security Management System (ISMS), providing comprehensive risk oversight and proactive control.

Kertos AI

Enhance your inquiry management with the Kertos AI, which automatically identifies the type and language of incoming requests for efficient handling. The Kertos Chatbot quickly provides information from your policies, controls, and risks, guiding you directly to relevant sections in legal documents. Additionally, Kertos AI ensures your legal documents are complete and compliant, streamlining your compliance processes with accuracy and ease.

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Thank YOU!

We owe our current success, our triumphs, and our ability to overcome challenges to your collective efforts. These past two years have highlighted the incredible power of teamwork and the invaluable contributions of each individual.

A heartfelt thank you to our partners, investors, and especially our team members, who are the foundation of our success.

Any questions, wishes or feedback?

We’d be thrilled to hear from you!

The Founders of Kertos