Scaling compliance with europe’s leading ISMS platform

Elevate your organization’s compliance journey to new heights, achieving ISO, SOC, NIS2, HIIPA, or TISAX

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Scaling Compliance, Privacy, and Trust

We enable businesses to achieve full compliance rnso you can focus on what matters most.

90% time and costs savings

Experience best-in-class technology through automation and AI and save up to 90% of your time and costs. rn

Scalable ISMS

Streamline security and compliance programs with Kertos’ all-in-one platform, simplifying management, demonstration, and scalability.

Swift Audit readiness

Kertos accelerates audit preparation by automating up to 90% of evidence gathering, ensuring the fastest path to audit success.

Seamless Security Integration with Kertos

Elevate your security measures effortlessly. Kertos integrates flawlessly with your existing tools, ensuring automated, robust protection for your systems. Dive into a smoother, smarter security experience today.

One Platform
Full Compliance
One Platform
Full Compliance
One Platform
Full Compliance

Elevate your compliance apporach with Kertos – your dedicated partner for ISO, SOC, NIS2, HIPAA and TISAX

Kertos automates 90% of your workflow by providing hundrets of ready to use integration.

Kertos simplifies workflow management, seamlessly integrating collaboration and documentation to ensure efficient team processes – all within a single platform.

Discover new assets, team members, and vendors effortlessly. Harness best-in-class technology to navigate across diverse standards with ease.

Monitor your compliance trajectory across various standards, all in one comprehensive dashboard.

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“The amount of data and complexity within our privacy processes needed automation, Kertos was ready to deliver. Not only was the onboarding easy to configure and implement but the team saved a tremendous amount of manual work instantly.”

Julia Habla

Global Legal Director, Gorillas

“Kertos helps us save valuable time by automating the process to provide our customers with data insights and deletion requests in a GDPR-compliant way. In addition, their Access Management solution reduces our efforts to keep track of and document access to our protected systems. The Kertos team provides a high-quality product and great customer care.”

Timo Kahle

Operations Manager, Wellster Healthtec

“GDPR-compliance is a top priority for us at McMakler, but scaling it with company growth ties up expensive resources. Kertos had the perfect timing to approach us – the ‘buy or build’ decision was a no-brainer.”

Matthias Knoche

VP McVerkauf bei McMakler

Unleash the Full Potential of Your Data

Harness the strength of the Kertos API and gain access to a vast array of no-code SaaS integrations, ready for effortless implementation.

We take care of compliance,
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Johannes Hussak; CPO und Founder