The who, what, when and why of data

Inform data policy with visibility of data access and usage across your business.

Resource Utilization

Efficient monitoring and documentation of access to systems, processes, files, or databases. Minimize potential security breaches or data leaks.

Compliance and

Direct implementation of internal and external regulations thanks to immediate access control. Continuous auditability through comprehensive logs and records.

and Risk Reduction

Quick response capability and direct clarification in the event of irregularities. Active risk reduction through reporting and hazard classification.

Our technology,
step by step.

Four steps to compliant access tracking.


Your Departments, Perfectly Represented!
With Kertos, you can mirror your entire organization and structure it in no time.


Everything Connected – Always in View
Databases, third-party software, or Single Sign-Ons (SSO) are connected to the Compliance Cockpit and provide direct user overviews.


No More Manual Tracking
Kertos automatically detects changes in tools, assigned roles, or granted access rights – without having to chase down departments.


The Kertos Dashboard – Your Command Center
Always stay on top of things: The Kertos Dashboard centrally displays all access rights, making monitoring and management a breeze.

Data Intelligenze

With our cutting-edge access and usage intelligence, you’ll gain valuable insights into how your employees interact with data, all customized to fit their specific roles in your organization. Know exactly which data is being accessed, how often, and the reasons behind it. This knowledge empowers you to align permissions accurately, ensuring your team has the right access to the right data when they need it.

We take care of privacy,

so you don’t have to. 

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