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Kertos transforms data protection into actual compliance. It has never been so easy to meet legal requirements and automate compliance processes

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No-code system integration

Data discovery & classification

Fully automated data subject rights

RoPA creation & risk assessment

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Designed for automated compliance.
Making privacy frictionless, scalable
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We enable businesses to achieve full compliance
so you can focus on what matters most.


Seamlessly integrate both internal and external data sources – whether they’re your own databases, SaaS tools, or third-party services – with our no-code platform and through our proprietary REST API.


With our Discovery feature, you’ll instantly gain compliance insights and automated categorization of data processes that seamlessly integrate into documents like RoPA, TIA, DPIA, and TOMs.


With Kertos, streamline your compliance efforts, maintain constant audit readiness, access daily data protection insights, and leverage our dashboard for predictive analytics and risk management.

The next generation of privacy compliance is just one click away

Integrate your IT landscape with our no-code solution. Discover your data framework, execute regulatory demands, automate your privacy operations, and put reporting on autopilot. 

One Platform
Full Privacy
One Platform
Full Privacy
One Platform
Full Privacy

Compliance operations
on autopilot

Boost the efficiency of your compliance program, enhance the productivity of your data protection team, and save up to 80% on manual compliance execution.

Increase transparency and visibility with minimal effort.

Automate your data protection processes and enhance your compliance.

Implement robust reporting and reliable compliance forecasting.

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“The amount of data and complexity within our privacy processes needed automation, Kertos was ready to deliver. Not only was the onboarding easy to configure and implement but the team saved a tremendous amount of manual work instantly.”

Julia Habla

Global Legal Director, Gorillas

“Kertos helps us save valuable time by automating the process to provide our customers with data insights and deletion requests in a GDPR-compliant way. In addition, their Access Management solution reduces our efforts to keep track of and document access to our protected systems. The Kertos team provides a high-quality product and great customer care.”

Timo Kahle

Operations Manager, Wellster Healthtec

“GDPR-compliance is a top priority for us at McMakler, but scaling it with company growth ties up expensive resources. Kertos had the perfect timing to approach us – the ‘buy or build’ decision was a no-brainer.”

Matthias Knoche

VP McVerkauf bei McMakler

“It’s refreshing how Kertos have simplified something as complex as data protection! The standout feature for us is Kertos’ adaptability; they consistently tailor their services to meet our evolving needs, ensuring we have the right tools at every stage of our growth. With their platform streamlining our day-to-day privacy operations, we find ourselves with more capacity to focus on expanding our business.”

Adrian Kapsalis

Managing Director, Kyon Energy

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