DPO On Demand: Privacy Protection Anytime, Anywhere

In need of a certified external Data Protection Officer, who offers quick and strategic responses to your concerns? Discover our commitment to tailored and industry-specific oversight that seamlessly aligns with your requirements.

The best privacy Advices for your operational needs

Kertos harnesses the might of tech to automate your compliance management effortlessly. Combined with our External DPO Service, we offer a seamless and comprehensive privacy solution that aligns with your quest for smooth data protection.

  • DPO as-a-Service
  • Privacy Training
  • 24/7 Support

Guidance by Seasoned Data Protection Officers

Navigate the intricacies of data privacy with confidence under the guidance of your personal external Data Protection Officer from Kertos. Their expert advice on privacy matters and proactive engagement in data protection impact assessments ensure you’re well-prepared to address the evolving challenges of data security.

Expert Privacy Training Anytime, Anywhere

Elevate your privacy standards with Kertos’  training modules, continously updated to reflect the latest legislative developments. Designed for ultimate flexibility, our courses empower you and your team to enhance your data protection acumen at your convenience, without geographical or temporal constraints.

Accessible Expertise in Technical and Legal Domain

Our team of legal and technical experts at Kertos stands ready to demystify the complexities of data protection. We’re committed to making intricate expertise accessible, providing you with clear, comprehensible support that turns challenges into straightforward solutions.

Complete Circle of Data Protection

Kertos is at the forefront of innovation, transforming your compliance management into a streamlined, automated process. Our robust technology places the complexities of data privacy into autopilot, providing you with a serene compliance journey.