When Collaboration Meets Efficiency: The New Era of Vendor Management.

Unlock the Power of Strategic Vendor Relationships to Drive Business Success.

Vendor Management

Gain a comprehensive overview of supplier activities, performance, and compliance to ensure transparency and accountability in data access.


Simplify the process of integrating new providers with automated tasks and standardized documentation to save time and reduce workload.

Your Risk

Identify and mitigate risks when collaborating with third-party software through meticulous checks, contract management, and continuous monitoring.

Our technology,
step by step.

Four steps to clear and transparent vendor management.


Your Supplier Compass
With Kertos, you always have a clear overview of all suppliers and systems. Organize them centrally and efficiently.  


One Click, Everything in a View
Want to know more about how vendors are dealing with data protection? With Kertos, one click gives you all the essential details, from server locations to GDPR agreements.


Always Up-to-Date
Forget outdated information. In Kertos, you can quickly update supplier data and documents without hassle.


Sleep with ease knowing Kertos is watching.
Define your monitoring criteria in Kertos, get automatic risk notifications, and stay consistently audit-ready.

Smart Vendor Management Solution for
Enhanced Efficiency and Security

Kertos empowers your business with efficient vendor management, ensuring data protection compliance and reducing the risk of data breaches. We centralize supplier information and enable continuous updates and monitoring. Always audit-ready.

We take care of privacy,

so you don’t have to. 

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Dr. Kilian Schmidt; CEO & Founder