Customized Intelligent Documentation – Automate ROPAs, DPIAs, and TIAs.

Know where your data is and how you can use it. Get a real time understanding of permissions for data use, without spreadsheets or tedious, manual workflows.


Generate your suitable data protection documents with just a few clicks, without Excel, questionnaires, and tedious interviews.

Time Savings
company wide

Relief in all departments through deep integration and fully automatic updates, benefiting all teams involved.

Audit-Ready and
Real-time ROPAs

Say goodbye to manual once-a-year RoPAs. Kertos offers an always-on, real time and easily editable RoPA.

Out Technology,
Step by step.

In four steps to magical automated privacy documentation


Everything at a Glance
Thanks to the Kertos Discovery feature, essential information on data sources, attributes, processing activities, and involved parties is already on our platform.


Your Sources in Focus
Benefit from the integration of your data sources and the fully automated provision of relevant information on processing, responsibility, and data attributes.


Automatic completion
Leverage the intelligent AI algorithms of Kertos to automate the allocation of data categories and data recipients for each processing activity.


Quick Export
With a single click, generate a complete Record of Processing Activities (ROPA), download in your preferred format (PDF/CSV/XLS), and check for completeness.

The new Generation
of RoPAs

Replace endless hours of manual labor with automated real-time data mapping. Easily export your organization’s processing activities to a CSV or Excel file, providing an overview of all data sources, processing activities, purposes, retention periods, and their legal basis.

We take care of privacy,

so you don’t have to. 

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Dr. Kilian Schmidt; CEO & Founder