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Know where your data is and how you can use it. Get a real-time understanding of your datasilos, processing activities, and IT infrastructure. Without time-consuming spreadsheets or manual workflows.


Be agile and scale your data protection programeffortlessly. Meet the continuously growing requirements of all regulations while boosting the productivity of your compliance team.

Full Transparency & Visibility

Keep pace with the technological advancements in your system landscape. Achieve full transparency and visibility thanks to integrated processes, all while minimizing the risk of data breaches.

Significant Cost Savings

Achieve up to 80% savings on your compliance costs by fully automating operational processes. Optimize your resources and simultaneously elevate your level of compliance.

Our technology
Step by step.

Four steps to automated tool&data discovery


Compliance Without Compromise
Our experts and compliance architects ensure that the first integrations are up and running within minutes, and compliance processes are automated.


No-Code Integration
Without any manual effort, Compliance Discovery connects to the essential information sources. This includes websites, Single Sign-On solutions (SSO), office applications, or central databases.


Transparency in Minutes
Our powerful algorithms scan your organization and identify all tools and data sources. They automatically match these with our AI-Compliance Cockpit and generate the necessary documentation with a single click.


Continuous Reporting
The Kertos integration, with its continuous connectivity, ensures a sustainable compliance solution that updates itself at any desired interval. Through detailed reporting, it informs about deviations or updates and provides specific action recommendations.

Tool & Data Discovery
is Essential!

To meet the demands of modern compliance regulations, an efficient and adaptable Tool & Data Discovery feature is indispensable. Kertos integrates seamlessly into existing systems, becoming the central hub for compliance. It automates requirements in areas like reporting and documentation duties. Say goodbye to manual spreadsheets, tedious interview processes, or self-made question logs, and embrace the advantages of the latest generation of compliance.

We take care of privacy,

so you don’t have to. 

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