Effortless, automated data protection

Kertos makes compliance effortless for all departements. With our no-code integration, you always have a clear overview of your compliance processes – seamless and audit-ready.

The best privacy solution for your operational needs

Powered by technology, Kertos puts your compliance management on autopilot. Explore our categories, find your solution, and automate your processes in just a few minutes.

  • Legal / DPOs
  • Engineers/CISOs
  • Operations/Product

Efficiency & Control in Data Protection for Legal Counsels and DPOs

“For Legal Counsels and DPOs, Kertos is the central solution for efficiently monitoring, managing, and identifying potential data protection gaps early on.”

Head of Legal, E-Commerce

  • Always Audit-Ready
  • Seamless compliance without manual effort
  • All privacy documents automatically generated and stored in one place

Redefining Compliance: Maximize Focus – Minimize Effort

“In the past, processing requests from data subjects took a lot of time and energy. Thanks to Kertos’ automation, we can now fully concentrate on our core tasks.”

CTO, Fintech

  • End-to-End Workflows and Compliance Processes
  • No-code integration of your SaaS application
  • No human errors and more resources for the team

Data Protection Made Simple – for Product & Operations

“A game-changer for our product management and operational procedures for data protection compliance.”

Head of Product, Healthtech

  • Meeting Compliance Requirements without In-House Expertise
  • No manual documentation effort or tedious questionnaires
  • Continuous transparency and visibility across all system levels

No matter the industry,
we got your back.

Discover specific use cases for your industry and optimize your compliance management in no time.

  • B2C
  • Health
  • Fin-Tech

Cost Savings
and Scalability

  • Optimization & Cost Efficiency
    With Kertos, processes and workflows are automated. You save time and resources while simultaneously reducing operational costs in data protection.
  • Flexible Scalability
    Kertos grows with your company, adapting to increased data protection requirements without incurring additional costs or impacting system performance.


  • Seamless Integration & Automation
    Kertos effortlessly integrates into your IT infrastructure, ensuring continuous transparency for straightforward compliance processes.
  • Risk Minimization
    Benefit from reporting and technical summaries, thereby reducing the risk of violations and associated sanctions.

Customer trust

  • Automated Data Subject Rights
    Thanks to the deep integration of the Kertos platform, data subject requests are fulfilled within minutes, strengthening trust in your brand sustainably.
  • Customer-Centric Data Protection
    Distinguish yourself from the competition with a next-generation compliance solution, further solidifying your relationship with your customer base.

Protect confidential
Patient Data

  • Transparency
    With Kertos, you can effortlessly identify personal data and monitor its processing workflows.
  • Security & Anonymity
    Kertos ensures that requests from your patients and customers are handled securely, preserving confidentiality and protecting privacy.

Effortlessly Master
Compliance Standards

  • Automated Documentation
    Kertos automatically generates essential documents like TOMs, TIAs, VVTs, and ADVs required for product standard compliance.
  • Industry-Specific Conformity
    With Kertos, the process of adhering to data protection and health-specific regulations is simplified and ensured.

Fully Automated Implementation
of Compliance Workflows

  • Automated Data Management
    End-to-end automation of all compliance workflows without human touchpoints.
  • Optimized Service with Compliance
    Secure your customer data, set new standards in data protection, and position yourself as a data protection pioneer.


Compliance Management

  • Resource Savings
    With Kertos, you can streamline your industry-specific workflows, saving on costs and resources.
  • Reporting at the Push of a Button
    Thanks to its connectivity, Kertos is able to provide you with up-to-date compliance reporting at regular intervals.

Data Governance

  • Data Integrity and Quality
    With Kertos, your data integrity is ensured, improving overall data quality and creating an agile compliance environment.
  • Efficient Data Management
    By automating workflows, Kertos enhances efficiency and optimizes available resources.

Paving the Way for
Business Expansion

  • Automation Meets Compliance
    With Kertos, scaling becomes a breeze. Kertos seamlessly integrates into your infrastructure, ensuring you can respond to changes swiftly.
  • Certification and Audit
    Readiness Risk minimization at the core, reporting at the forefront. Kertos addresses the diverse requirements of the financial sector comprehensively.
One Platform
Full Privacy
One Platform
Full Privacy
One Platform
Full Privacy

We take care of privacy,

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