Fully Automate Data Subject Requests

Optimize deletion and information requests by automating the entire process, from receipt and verification to deletion and confirmation.


No-code integrations within minutes and without development effort bring peace of mind in a dynamic environment.

Data Control

100% capture of all systems and data attributes. No compromises when handling data subject requests, ensuring full compliance with minimal effort

Automation from
A to Z

No manual entry, no manual evaluation, no manual deletion, and no manual response to requests—just complete automation.

Our technology,
step by step.

Four steps to an automated management of data subject rights


Data Silo Integration
All data sources are captured and connected to Kertos’ Compliance Cockpit. No-code and without development effort.  


Workflow Setup
Benefit from pre-designed processes, defined workflow steps, stored templates, and precise execution.


Full Communication
Enable seamless integration into all communication channels and integrate your own mail servers for comprehensive case handling.


One-Click Automation
Kertos automates your operational processes, processes each request directly within the systems, and handles the final response.

Revolutionize DSR Management:
Unleash Team Potential!

Empower your brand with the all-in one Kertos Data Privacy Platform, the ultimate solution for deploying a scalable data subject rights fulfillment experience.

We take care of privacy,

so you don’t have to. 

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